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Shirley Oaks is a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida that we removal BBQ Grills, Old Fence’s, Brush and Junk. Shirley Oaks mostly features midsize homes that have the normal amount of cumulated debris. This is a well-established community that dates back to 2003, and construction was completed around 2005, which means we stay busy removing debris.

Fence Removal in 32218
Dismantling and removing unwanted fencing is a lot of work. Even if mother nature helps out and takes it down for you, lifting, loading and disposing of your old fence involves a lot of back breaking labor.

Skip the sweat and sore muscles. After you book an appointment online, a team will be dispatched to remove your unwanted fencing materials. Our teams are licensed and insured and come prepared to remove any unwanted fencing materials including wood, chain link, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron and composite fencing.

Our prices are available online and include labor, transportation, recycling and disposal. This means no surprises fees or unexpected charges.

For large, involved and complex roofing removal projects, contact us and we will send an expert out to assess the job and provide you with a free custom estimate.

Fence Reuse and Recycling
Our safe and efficient junk removal services are also environmentally friendly. Our work continues after we leave with your unwanted fencing materials. After we complete your fence removal, we’ll evaluate it’s condition before processing it for reuse and recycling.

Fencing panels, posts and other materials that can be reused are donated to local charities. From here, they may be used in projects or sold to fund that charity’s programs.

If your fencing can’t be reused, we’ll sort it for processing and transport it to the appropriate facilities. When fencing materials are recycled, it saves valuable resources including metal, wood and plastic. While your fencing panels are dismantled for recycling, any hazardous materials are removed and disposed of separately.

We value the well-being our community and the environment which is why we are serious about our commitment to responsible disposal. We do everything we can to conserve natural resources, reduce harvesting of new materials, minimize waste contributed to landfills and prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the environment.
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