Rent a Dumpster in Bunnell, FL


Bunnell is an extremely ethnically-diverse city and Arwood Site Services has been a long time provider of waste removal services. The people who call Bunnell home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The greatest number of Bunnell residents report their race to be White, followed by Black or African-American. Bunnell also has a sizeable Hispanic population (people of Hispanic origin can be of any race). People of Hispanic or Latino origin account for 10.02% of the city’s residents. Important ancestries of people in Bunnell include German, Italian, Irish, English, and Scottish.

How much does it typically cost to rent a Arwood Site Service dumpster? Dumpster rental costs $381 on average, or between $292 and $483 in the neighborhoods throughout Flagler County. Most companies charge $200 to $800 per week depending on the dumpster’s size. Long-term rentals cost $1,000 to $3,000 for a month or more.

We are the “Dumpster Services”, “Sanitation”, and “Trash Hauling” type businesses that are registered with the City of Palm Coast. To perform these services in the City of Palm Coast, these companies must have both a current Commercial Solid Waste Franchise Agreement and a Local Business Tax Receipt. The companies listed below meet both requirements and are identified as “Authorized Commercial Franchise Company”. If a company wants to be added to this list, information for the Local Business Tax Receipt can be found at and for the Solid Waste Franchise Application and Agreement, contact the Contract Coordinator at 904-751-1628. T

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