Do You Have a Parking Lot or Private Street? We Have a Street Sweeper for You!

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You have spent a lot of time and money developing your brand. It is important that your building and parking lot reflect that image. Regular sweeping is an integral part of good property management and has many benefits. Arwood Site Services can provide you with street and parking lot sweeping to keep your area looking clean and neat!

Keeping Your Lot Free of Debris

Regular parking lot sweeping has many benefits beyond looking nice. When you use street sweeping services you

  • Keep your lot safe which reduces the possibility of liability
  • Prevent erosion – debris left on the ground can erode your pavement
  • Fend off trash-loving rodents
  • Discourage littering – if people see garbage in an area, they are more likely to litter there
  • Decrease pollution by limiting debris washed into sewers and waterways
  • Keep your building cleaner by limiting dirt and litter tracked in from your parking lot or street

Refresh your parking lot or street today with Arwood Site Services!

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